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Qlumi Travel

Qlumi Travel is the ultimate travel planning and travel sharing tool - and there is no other app out there that can match it for coordinating travel with other people

Making It Fun Again!

Travel planning can be a true pain without the right tool. Enter Qlumi, an app that brings your unique interests immediately front and center as you search for things to do right now wherever you are -- or in planning ahead. Fill your travel routes with great stops along the way - or mark the best points of interest around where you are staying.

Travel Coordinating Has Never Been Easier

Team travel, fan travel, business trips, road trips, and group pilgrimages all become far more fun when it is seemless. Change a destination suddenly - no problem at all with Qlumi. All your coordinate travel buddies receive your last minute changes as texts and as updates on their travel itinerary.

For all of this to be free is just one step away from flat out crazy. There is no Pro version and no annoying banner ads. This app is fully featured and deeply featured to minimize stress and maximize fun every moment of your trip!

Coordinate Your Guests For Travel Events!

For weddings, conferences, workshop and more - add your guests to a Qlumi trip or use Qlumi Events (both app are 100% interoperable)

A Handy Tool For Large Events
Upload A Guest List
This will create a guest "Group" in your app.
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