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Qlumi is about inspiration — using our mobile devices not to pull us apart and divide us but to help bring us together for adventures big and small — whether at parties, workshops, sporting events, travel, or more.

Party like its 2020! Let's face it, technology should improve as we go...and we expect this to be true in pretty much every domain of our live, including in improving the ease of throwing parties, get togethers, workshops, business meetings, community events, meet up groups, and more.

But it's not just about your ease of use as a host

You want your guests to maximize their fun. So, we created a way for guest to collaborate, chat, find their unique interests along the route to you or around where they are staying if they are coming from out of town. We thought deeply about your needs and theirs.

For all of this to be free is just one step away from flat out crazy. But it is true.

We made this app for us but we have seen how much other people and organizations need it too!
Use our app for free, and pay it forward!

Parties, Weddings, Meetings, Workshops, and More!

With an easy to use app interface for your guests and a super fast way to make invitations for events of any size! Whether you have a party once in a blue moon or if you organize daily events for your constituents or congregants. Finally there is a powerful app but made simple enough for young and old!

A Handy Tool For Large Events
Upload A Guest List
This will create a guest "Group" in your app.
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