A Family Internet Business? Is That Even Possible?

We Made It For Us And Are Sharing It With You

Qlumi is a rare find: a family company online. That's right. We are a US based company right here in Rochester, NY. Our business is currently run entirely of members of the same family -- Dr. Seth Borg and his son Ethan Borg. When we made the app, it was not with any expectation of it earning any revenue (as apps rarely do). Instead, we wanted an app that we would use to find things that are interesting to us at home and while we travel. While we were at it, we realized it would be terrific to integrate this with a modern, updated invitation, event, and event engagement system to make it even more useful for sharing. We figured if we made a tool that we actually found helpful, then an app like this would probably be interesting to other people as well. Once we started to tell people about Qlumi, we learned that communities couldn't afford their own apps and we realized there was a huge niche that Qlumi could fill -- the app any community could use as if they had made it themselves just for their own constituents. The rest is history!

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