Privacy Practices

Sharing Your Information
Your privacy matters to us. We do not sell your information to third parties. As part of our registration process, we take your email and contact information which we use to help Qlumi users find and connect with each other on their Qlumi apps. This information is not shared with third parties. When we share information with third parties, it is anonymous and non-identifying information about our users activities with no direct connection to your name, your email, or your contact number. For purposes of tech support, you may work with third parties. In that case, clearly we need a way for the tech support to communicate with you, so in that case you opt-in when you submit a support request to receive specific, short term contact sufficient to satisfy your support needs.

In other words, while we do take contact information at the time of your Qlumi registration, we do not share that private information with any other companies without your consent.

Only Your Community/Friends/Family See Your Events
Only the people who are your event "guests" in Qlumi know about those events, which means two communities in the same neighborhood are like separate islands -- one cannot know about the other's events unless invitations are sent from one community to the other.

We May Need To Send You Some Texts
Your registration of a Qlumi account is consenting to receive important notifications from Qlumi. Since we only receive your telephone number to uniquely identify you, we may need to infrequenly send you texts such as to confirm your registration, to recover passwords, or to update you about any changes to these privacy practices. We know some people still pay per SMS text and so we promise to be very thoughtful in the use of communicating with you in this way.

We Save Your Interests But Don't Abuse This
One great feature in our app is that we remember your interests so that they show up on every map you view in Qlumi. That way what you care about is always immediately available to you to help with planning "what's next." Our app is server-based so we do save your interests in the server. Within the Qlumi maps, some of our markers that show up may be paid advertisements within your specified interests. The advertisers get absolutely no information about you in this process. This all is handled anonymously within our servers. We do not and will not sell your personal interests to advertisers as we feel that is a huge violation of trust and integrity.

Our app and servers communicate using state of the art encryption so that your interests are not shared with your internet service provider and your chatting is kept private.

We do use third party SMS text messaging services and while we have vetted them for their privacy practices, we are not responsible for their behavior.

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