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Inspire Yourself And Your Whole Community!

Qlumi is about inspiration — using our mobile devices not to pull us apart and divide us but to help bring us together for adventures big and small — whether at parties, workshops, sporting events, travel, or more.

Finally -- an app for your community engagement!

You wanted an app for your community, church, synagogue, temple, mosque, meet up group, travel sports team, etc. but found it was astronomically expensive to make one. We have a solution! We made Qlumi to be the free app for your community -- the one you always wanted but couldn't afford to make yourself. Use Qlumi as your event calendar, your engagement system around group activities, and as a way to celebrate your community and its constituents. Read our Privacy Practices and you will see that everything you share within your community is both private and encrypted. Looking for smartphone engagement and a way to draw people into your community events who prefer to communicate by text or chat? No problem! Make our Qlumi app the qlu-me-in app for your community! Start today -- it's free for your organization and all of your community members!

The Qlumi app is about events, its about travel, and its about event travel planning and engagement.

Parties, weddings, meetings, workshops, and conferences — events with a few people and events with thousands — Qlumi is designed for one and all. But Qlumi is more than an event app, it is fully integrated with travel, because often we are headed somewhere unfamiliar — or, we want to stop for what we care about somewhere along the way. Our app is in your pocket and so is with you when you need it to make sure you don't get lost (directions to your next event are built in) and that your interests are always immediately accessible en route.

For all of this to be free is just one step away from flat out crazy. But it is true.

We made this app for us but we have seen how much other people and organizations need it too!
Use our app for free, and pay it forward!

Parties, Weddings, Meetings, Workshops, and More!

With an easy to use app interface for your guests and a super fast way to make invitations for events of any size! Whether you have a party once in a blue moon or if you organize daily events for your constituents or congregants. Finally there is a powerful app but made simple enough for young and old!

A Handy Tool For Large Events
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